Last minute Halloween costume for six-month-old baby? Reader Q&A

Viking Baby HatHelp! I need last-minute ideas for a six-month-old baby’s Halloween costume and I don’t have the time to do anything crazy.

The truth is, most little babies aren’t ready to wear full costumes, masks and complicated accessories, or even makeup which gets smudged easily. More or less, what you’re looking for is something that will stay on while the kid lies there in his Snugride or bassinet stroller.

It’s easy to search the web for adorable ready-made pumpkin and peapod outfits for babes, but here are a few easy ways to get your kiddo costume-ready without much effort at all.  -Christina

I love how one great headpiece can make an entire costume, as with this Viking Hat from the Green Hedgehog (shown above). No need to try to get squirmy baby limbs into an entire costume!
Handmade superhero cap for Halloween
We recently featured this great handmade superhero hat which fortunately, starts at 6mo.Tie a receiving blanket loosely over the baby’s shoulders and voila- a cape!

Wry Baby Snapsuits
For a superhero alternative Wry Baby’s Snapsuits are way more comfy than those mass-produced costumes. Their newest style, Super Bad, is full of cheeky attitude.

Baby Legs

Rookie Moms has a great, semi-homemade baby costume idea with their Aerobics Instructor, which had me laughing out loud. Grab a pair of rainbow-striped Baby Legs for Olivia Newton John-style leg warmers, cut the bottom band off of an infant cap for a sweat band, and your baby will be sweating with the oldies.

In fact, all kinds of baby legs can lead to costume inspiration – make your kid a candy cane, a pirate, or rainbow, just by swapping out legwarmers.

queen of hearts tutu

tutu can go a long way on a baby girl. It’s the beginning of a fairy
princess, ballerina, or butterfly, plus you’ll get a ton of dress-up use
out of it after Halloween. This Queen of Hearts costume is pretty cute, and comes in a 0-18mo size from Bailey’s Blossoms etsy shop – take a look for great inspiration.

hooded monster towel

For the ultimate in Halloween ease, grab a comfy hooded towel and get crafty with embellishments to the hood to turn it into an animal or a silly monster. Or if you’d rather get yours ready-made, check out the funny hooded towels from SDK Designs.

For even more great baby costumes, check out the list of ideas at Rookie Moms and And if you have any no-fuss ideas, we’d love to hear them!


Senior Associate Editor Christina Refford loves homeschooling, running, cool kids’ music, and coffee. Not in that order.


  • Reply October 14, 2010


    I’m pretty proud of the costume I came up with for my 4-month-old last Halloween. I did an image search for dollar bills and printed them on a color printer. Changed the font size on a dollar sign to huge and printed that. Then I pinned it all to his sleep sack. Instant money bag baby

  • Reply October 16, 2010

    Vivian Kirkfield

    Thanks for the wonderful ideas! Parents can always use ideas for Halloween costumes that are simple to make and comfortable to wear, especially for really young children. But we shouldn’t forget to use costumes and dress-up all year long! Most preschoolers LOVE to dress up, and role playing is an aswesome way to help little ones deal with the challenges they face and the problems they encounter in their early years. There are lots of picture books that fit the occasion as well, especially if your child is a little leary about things Halloween. As adults, we may forget how REALLY scary Halloween can be…and although older children may thrive on the adrenalin rush of being scared, I’ve never met a little child that does. I posted some suggestions on my Positive Parental Participation blog at and I hope they are helpful.

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