It’s a card. That’s a gift.

Holiday greeting card with calendarI love the idea of giving out a little something more than a holiday card to my friends and family. Of course, I wish I could give everyone a gift, but since money doesn’t grow on trees, here’s another idea.
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The WOOD Holiday Greeting Cards
at Night Owl Paper Goods are adorable as a step up from a card but
maybe not quite a gift. Made from eco-friendly birch wood, they have a
personalized image on one side, and a calendar on the other. That way family
and friends can remember you all year round.

Another plus? These cards look really expensive, but they’re not. -Elizabeth

Visit Night Owl Paper Goods and see their selection of WOOD Holiday Greeting Cards. Order by November 30 and save 20% on your order.

And, early birds who place their order before 11/22 will get a $50 gift card for a future purchase! Whoo!

Updated to add: for more cool holiday gift ideas, don’t miss the just-released 2010 Cool Mom Picks Holiday Gift Guide!

Elizabeth Leach is a freelance writer and a former contributor to Cool Mom Picks

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  • Reply November 17, 2010

    Night Owl Paper Goods


    Thank you SO MUCH for featuring our personalized wood holiday cards! We’re owl so grateful!

    ALSO, in case you didn’t know, in addition to the 20% off mentioned above, those early birds who place their orders by November 22 will get a FREE $50 gift card to use toward future orders! So, you can get super eco-chic holiday cards and $50 to use toward holiday gifts (or a treat for yourself)!

    That’s a crazy owlsome deal! Feel free to spread the cheer! 😉

    Much appreciation from owl of us at Night Owl Paper Goods!

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