The maternity top that’s saving me from a thousand tiny breakdowns daily

I have discovered maternity top nirvana. Nirvana, I tell you. And I’m pretty sure I will not be taking this thing off until I have my baby.

Finally, I’m spared the thousand daily tug-downs of a too-small top. Finally, the underside of my belly doesn’t have to get chilly when I’m out for an autumn walk. Finally, a top that actually fits in those last, gigantic –or maybe that’s just me?– weeks of pregnancy.

My near-deliriously happy state is all thanks to a Bashful Bump maternity bodysuit. I know, I know. A bodysuit? How can that be comfortable? But it is. Oh, how it is!

Designed by a mama of course, this bodysuit gives pregnant
mamas such a polished look. No long, loose shirts flapping about. Just
smooth, clean lines. And –the part that’s making me want to stand on a
rooftop and shout– nothing to tug down.

It’s got a shelf bra to pull over your breasts, and then the snaps at bottom really aren’t as tough as I thought they might be. They’re
positioned more at the front –like right under your belly– so you
don’t have to bend at any funny angles to reach them. Yes it’s a
little bit more work when you have to pee, like, a hundred times a day,
but it’s absolutely worth it. The snaps are simple, I promise. And once everything’s in place and done-up, you won’t feel a

It’s available in black or white in four different sleeve-length
options and in thong (sex-ay!) or full-seat styles. The site says to stick to
your pre-pregnancy size when ordering and I think that’s right. Only I
carry huge. You know those women who look like they’ve swallowed a giant
watermelon? That’s me. So I went up a size and I’m happy.

And we all know a happy third-trimester mama is a very good thing. –Stephanie

Find the amazing maternity bodysuit from Bashful Bump.

Stephanie S.

Stephanie Slate is an Ontario-based writer, crunchy mom, and celebrity stroller expert. And no, she does not say "eh."

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  • Reply November 24, 2010


    Sadly, i could have used this 6 months ago!!! I too have the HUGE basketball in my shirt look. I’m small, but all “small” maternity shirts leave me with an exposed inch or two, like a “plumber’s gut”, and I’m always tugging down, then pulling UP the pants. BUT the only thing that would make this better would be a double layer, like some nursing shirts are made, where the top layer is a loose shirt that would cover the waistband of mat pants. Does that make sense? Actually…they should make a nursing version…I could use the layering for winter right now!

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