Now your daughter can wear her heart in her hair

Most girls–my own daughter included–have lots of these little metal snap barrettes lying around and, if you happen to be a crafty type, you probably also have some pretty wool felt at home, too. If so, in just about 15 minutes you can make a couple of gorgeous Valentine’s heart barrettes and your daughter will be ready for the 14th.

I love crafting. Love it. But I am the queen of unfinished projects. Time and time again I start something new instead of, say, putting the binding on the sampler quilt I started two years ago. Needless to say, I was excited to see the adorably easy Valentines Heart Barrettes project on the purl bee the other day. (You know, so I could start something new again.) Not just because the little barrettes are gorgeous, but also because they really were so simple to make.

It’s so easy, in fact, that my husband has had to convince me that it would be a foolish idea to try to make a pair for every girl in our son’s kindergarten class. Seriously, though, even though I have a newborn I still think I could do it. And given that I like a challenge, I just might try. –Stephanie

Stephanie S.

Stephanie Slate is an Ontario-based writer, crunchy mom, and celebrity stroller expert. And no, she does not say "eh."


  • Reply January 26, 2011

    Shannon Longcore

    Those are cute! But, if you make those for the girls in class, what would you make for the boys? I always find so much cute stuff for girls, especially for Valentine’s Day, but I don’t know what to give the boys. Would love to see something in this vein, homemade, that they would enjoy. Thanks for all you do!

  • Cool Mom Picks
    Reply January 26, 2011

    Cool Mom Picks

    Great point Shannon! Yesterday we featured the Valentine’s cupcake papers made “just for boys”

    but we’ll keep an eye out for some more.

  • Reply January 26, 2011


    I love these, simple and lovely!

  • Check out these Valentines I made with my 2 year old. They are great, squishy fun for girls and boys and they are beautiful pops of color.

  • Stephanie
    Reply January 27, 2011


    After writing this, I was thinking about the boy conundrum, too. If I were to make these barrettes for the girls, I might be tempted to just make the hearts into little pins for the boys (replace the hair clip with a safety pin or clip). Another option would be to make just the heart without anything extra. They’re still pretty cute. And I think boys like pretty things once in a while, too! (Though I also know my son would go nuts for the cootie cupcakes!)

  • Reply January 28, 2011


    I just finished whipping up a bunch of these for the little girls in my life. For the little boys, I had the same thought as Stephanie and made little pins in slightly more masculine colors (but still Valentine-themed). They’re really cute. My son loves his. I don’t know if I’ll get it back. =)

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