Dora the Explorer Applesauce Squeezer
Today, my daughter’s best friend Dora the Explorer gave her a delicious, healthy snack. Yup. I played that card. And I am not nearly ashamed as I probably should be, considering the snack was 100% apple sauce with no added sugar.

Squeezers from Nature’s Child
was our first time venturing into the
exciting world of squeezable food at all. My one-year-old handled it
beautifully and my three-year-old smiled wickedly at me, thinking she
was eating something bad for her and getting away with it. They’ve
got two flavors available: Dora hawking apple puree, and SpongeBob
shilling for berry puree. There’s no spoon or refrigeration needed,
making them perfect for on-the-go.

Since all the research proves that children are more apt to eat stuff with licensed
cartoon characters on it, I figure you may as well take advantage of it as a chance to feed your kid something healthy. –Elizabeth

[Ed Note: My 5 year-old daughter saw this post before it published and said “I want
that!” “But you don’t like applesauce,” I said. “I’ll try it again,” was
her response. So there ya go.” – Liz]

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