Meal planning just hooked up with your local grocery store

Food on the TableThere’s plenty of websites where you can go check out this week’s grocery sales, if you’re into that sort of thing. (Not judging, just, um, snore.) And we’ve reviewed plenty of websites and apps to help you do your weekly meal planning, too. But this is the first we’ve seen of a glorious melding of the two.

At Food on the Table,
you enter some basic information like your family’s food
preferences, plus your preferred grocery stores, and then not only can you
then pick from amongst suggested recipes, it’ll highlight items on sale this week with approximate savings for your meal plan.

Plan up to three dinners a week for
free, or buy a monthly subscription to plan all seven, plus get access
to more recipes and other features.
The idea here
is sheer brilliance, but the site is pretty new, so I’m hopeful it will
expand as time goes on. I’d love to see my local Trader Joe’s as one of
the store options (hint, hint!), as well as a setting for food
allergies–the food preferences don’t currently enable you to
communicate that common add-on ingredients such as dairy or wheat might
not work for your family. All in all, though, this is a great
alternative to juggling cookbooks and store circulars. -Mir

Check out Food on the Table and start planning your menu.

Mir Kamin is a prolific writer, the author of the popular blogs Woulda Shoulda and, and a former contributor to Cool Mom Picks and Cool Mom Tech.


  • Reply February 24, 2011


    Not for publication: Please correct the grammatical error that opens this post “There’s plenty of websites” to read “There are plenty of…”

    Thank you!

  • Reply February 24, 2011

    Amanda Yates

    Thank you so much for a great write up! So cleverly written. Love Cool Mom Picks! (PS Great feedback on Trader Joe’s)

  • Reply February 24, 2011


    Very neat, meal planning, shopping and cooking is my biggest time issue right now so I’ll have to check this one out.

  • Reply February 24, 2011


    Very cool idea.

    Unfortunately, the chain in my area is one I’ve never heard of, and although I didn’t pick pork as something we eat, no matter what I did pick, it gave me pork chop recipes first.

    Considering the number of religions that avoid pork, it seemed peculiar to promote it to people who don’t say that they eat it.

  • Reply February 28, 2011

    Steve Sanderson


    If you’ll send us an email (, I want find out your account and see why you were getting pork recipes even though you didn’t select it. We definitely consider this a bug!

    Steve Sanderson
    VP of Product Development
    Food on the Table

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