New crib bedding sets by MaclarenI’m a firm believer in color therapy, especially when it comes to kid’s rooms. So when I saw the bold and peppy new crib bedding sets from Maclaren, which happens to be the complete opposite of their very chic and very white nursery furniture, my mood magically began to lift.

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“If you look around at children’s bedding, it’s vastly light blue
and light pink,” Maclaren’s chief designer (and modern design icon)
David Netto explained to me. And who could disagree?

“I wanted to create something that didn’t
exist in the marketplace, which was to take abstract design while
putting forward the concept of unisex.”

Netto’s vision translated into two four-piece chldren’s bedding
collections with motifs including animals and sea creatures, each a
“hot, happy and bright” contrast to the sterility of the serene,
minimalist furniture he designs for Maclaren. I couldn’t agree more. Not
that I don’t drool over the furniture.

For my son’s room, I’m
loving the blue and lime Menagerie set (pictured). It’s a brilliant
departure from the typical blues and greens for boys, yet it’s still
masculine enough to make my husband happy. And I’m sure my baby will
apppreciate the luxe 250-count 100% Turkish cotton even if has no words
to express it yet.

crib bedding sets from MacLarenBeing the architectural and interior
visionary he is, not to mention a father of two, I asked Netto what his
other nursery essentials are for those of us looking to add a lot of
dash for not so much cash. He loves sheepskin rugs (“for rolling around
on the floor with your kids”), large wicker log baskets (“to toss the
toys into…I’m not a huge organizer”) and framed vintage movie posters
(he helped an actress decorate her son’s nursery with a James Bond

“There’s no reason your nursery should be any less nice
than the living room,” he says. “After all, you’re going to be the one
in there staring at the walls at 4am.”

But don’t feel bad if your nursery morphs into Elmo-land; Netto assured me that his daughters have Pillow Pets. Melissa

Find the new Netto crib bedding for Maclaren online at Maclaren and in a local boutique near you.

Congratulations to Ursula V. for winning a Maclaren crib set of her choice!