Who says pregnancy can’t be sexy?

At 38 weeks pregnant, I can honestly say I feel about as unsexy as a sack of potatoes. But just like putting a smile on your face is supposed to make you feel happier, wearing sexy lingerie should do the same thing, right?

That was my mindset when I tried on a set of aggressively saucy purple and black lace lingerie.

We’ve all heard the term “hot mama” before, but You! Lingerie, a collection of nursing bras and maternity lingerie is taking the yummy mummy look to extremes.

The Azalea Orchid (pictured), the set I was sent, is a huge departure from my normal underthing uniform, which consists of tasteful (read boring) nude bras and bikini briefs. While I’m not so big into colored bras, I wouldn’t be ashamed to let the metallic silver bra strap show through a t-shirt. Trashy? Maybe. But if you’re looking to spice things up while cooking your bun, then this is a fun, affordable option.

I will say that the bras and panties, which are are made with soft microfiber, are pretty comfortable. Which is essential seeing as how I can’t even see my feet these days, forget catching a glimpse of my undies. -Melissa

Sexy mamas take note: You! Lingerie bras start at just $29.99 and panties at $14.99.


Melissa Schweiger is a seasoned author, journalist, blogger and proud mom of two troublemaking boys.

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    Ah! Where was this when I was preggers!

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