Board game boredom no more

Create your own board gameMy kids are always coming up with some crazy games from our board game graveyard, and anything else they can find in my craft cabinet. So I figure, why not let them put their creativity into action by letting them invent their own board game?

Rainy days, or around here, too-bloody-hot days, will be welcome with this awesome create-your-own board game set. Complete with six paintable wooden pieces and a foldable round board, plus blank cards, money, and a spinner all packed in a muslin bag, your creative kids will have a blast making their own game from scratch.

If your kids are like mine, buy two board game kits– guaranteeing fewer fights and twice the fun. -Kristen

You can purchase the create-your-own board game at ROMP.

Cool Mom Staff

We spend our time looking for cool stuff so you don't have to. Hope this one fits the bill.


  • Reply May 28, 2011


    Love this! My brothers and I used to make our own board games using old games that had missing pieces… We STILL joke about a game we made called “Party at the Mall”- 20+ years later!

  • Reply May 28, 2011


    I found this post through your Facebook page. I love the idea of creating our own games. We love to play games with our children but had never thought about making them ourselves!

  • Reply August 20, 2011


    I’m just glad to see a game kit that doesn’t have dice; too many people think a game has to involve roll and move! Granted, you have the spinner here instead..

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