Dr. Hauschka skin care – believe the hype.

Dr. Haushcka Lavender BathEven as an avowed skincare fanatic, I had never sampled the Dr. Hauschka products I’d heard so much about. This line is known for being holistic, ecologically sound, and focused on the body’s
rhythms and internal processes. Which is great and all, but oh my gawd, the results.

Count me in as the newest Dr. Hauschka
fan, a line now available at CMP fave Hazel Wood Children, which means you have a
great excuse to grab some luxury skincare for yourself, right  between
the skull socks and the tiny purple tank top.

The Blackthorn Body Oil
smells like a European pine forest, absorbs quickly, and seems to have
helped the weird, unexplained stretch marks on my wrists to disappear.
It’s also divine after time in the sun, soothing tanned skin and, in my
experience, prolonging the tan.

Fantastic after a trip to the beach or the pool– or just a long, napless afternoon– is the Soothing Mask, which is calming and softening and just feels like buttah. Like buttah made of roses for your pretty face. And
then there’s the Lavender Bath Oil, which is relaxing and lovely for me
or my kids– at least when I want to skip the lotion and have strangers
remark on how good they smell.

My only caveat is that the Rose Day Cream
was too rich for my entire face, but it does make for a thick and
luscious eye cream.

These products work, my friends, and they feel great doing it. They’re
high end stuff, so they’re definitely going to cost you. But let’s not
forget, mama needs pampering, too.~Delilah
Check out the Dr. Hauschka line now available at Hazel Wood Children including the mom and baby gift set. Also, get free shipping with code COOLDOC through July 15. 


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  • Reply June 29, 2011


    They also have Rose Cream Light. Not sure if it’s sold in the American market. Note to Dr Hauschka fans, ask any friends who travel to Germany to bring back products! Weleda too as these are much cheaper in the Fatherland and easily found in most Pharmacies and (Weleda) in drugstores.

  • Reply June 29, 2011


    The Dr. Hauschka line is so beautifully pure. I would love to try the Lavender Bath, I LOVE lavender. I’m sure it is so luxuriously relaxing.

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