Kids’ furniture that’s more than just kids’ furniture

Cool kids' furniture idea from KickstarterEvery city parent knows that if you going to commit to bringing a new piece of furniture into your precious and very limited home space it better be something useful and pleasant to look at.

So kudos to the brilliant minds of Chadwick and Joe, the imaginative team at Klinko Kids Furniture.

They’ve developed 3-in-1 Little Frog,
a handy little piece for toddlers that can be a
pint-sized reading chair, lounge chair and play table all in one
convertible piece of furniture. And dig this, there is also an
inexpensive accessory that can turn it into a rocking chair if you
really want to get crazy. To top it off, it’s all
kid-safe and non toxic, and you can customize your color.

Of course there is just one catch: they need
our help. The guys are all set to manufacture their design but they need
some assistance getting the production started. You guessed it- hello

As we now know, Kickstarter introduces us to some of the
most clever and inspired projects from the most innovative minds and
this is no exception. Back the project and get a great deal on the first
pieces created. Plus you can feel good knowing you
helped Chadwick and Joe succeed in their mission to create original
versatile furniture for kids that encourages creative play. – Stephanie M

Check out the Klinko 3-in-1 Little Frog on this Kickstarter video and hop on bandwagon stat. 

Stephanie M.

Stephanie Mayers is entrenched in the kindie rock industry, a former gallery manager, and a self-proclaimed foodie who doesn’t get out to eat much. (Darn you, parenthood.)


  • Reply July 28, 2011


    OH YEAH! I must say – not just in cities but many people live in smaller diggs these days. So, having smaller and/or dual purpose furniture is a huge plus! I don’t have a small child anymore but if I did, this cute chair / table would appeal to me for sure. My son and i always lived in smaller apt’s until last year when we “upgradedf” to a 3 bedroom – but still, it’s not a house with endless room for expansion and/or storage – so, space saving funiture has always been good for me. Thanks for sgharing this wonderful line of furniture, I had never heard of it – I will tell my friends with little children!

  • Reply July 29, 2011


    Please be sure to check out the rest of our new & super versatile products!

  • Reply July 29, 2011

    Ruth Pfeiffer

    Very cool chair. It is great for small places. I would purchase it for my grandchildren. I will also tell my friends about it also. It is also fun to look at for a toddler.

  • Awesome stuff. I backed it and tweeted it.

    If anyone else would like to try a kickstarter project, you might want to view the webcast at

    This is a talk I gave to the CT inventor’s association on how to crowdfund your invention.

    The quality of the video is admittedly terrible, but the first 5 minutes tells you everything you need to know.

    Mark Nowotarski (patent agent)
    Reg. No. 47828

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