Trick or Treating for UNICEF is sweet

Unicef 2011Consider this your annual reminder from us about Trick-or-Treating for UNICEF. If it’s never something you’ve done before, the premise is that your kids can ask for more on Halloween than just another sugary treat, on behalf of kids who need a lot more than a mini box of Junior Mints.

Just like I remember doing when I was a kid, UNICEF makes it so easy for kids to collect donations as they go door-to-door. Since they’ve been around for sixty years and have a name synonymous with Halloween, I know that most of my neighbors will have no problem donating without my kids having to spend five minutes trying to explain what the charity is.

Their bright, easy-to-carry collection box can be picked up at a local Crocs location (while supplies last), or you can download a label to make your own collection canister, which is what I remember doing years ago.

If you want to do a little more, UNICEF has some great downloadable resources and ideas for fundraising, either at an upcoming costume party or via your own fundraising page. I love knowing that the change my kids collect can help kids get clean drinking water, or immunizations, or even food that’s way more important than anything we’ll find in their overstuffed candy bag. Christina

Check out Unicef’s “How to Participate” page for ways to help kids through trick-or-treating or other fundraising efforts.


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    While Unicef is great, there’s also something to be said for having kids donate a bit closer to home. Local charities often have similar programs. In NYC, City Harvest has similar boxes, and the kids know that they’re helping their own community. While helping anywhere is good, I think that it resonates more with kids when it’s in their own back yard.

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    As a child, I would “trick-or-treat for UNICEF” each year. However, as the parent of a child adopted from another country, I no longer support the organization because of their negative stance on international adoption. I would encourage anyone interested in helping children worldwide to research the issue and make up your own mind. Thanks.

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    Cool Mom Picks

    All good ideas KidzVuz, thanks. We love our kids coming to understand the idea of helping, whoever it is that’s in need.

  • Reply September 3, 2012

    Fred Dorner

    Two other ideas (easy and almost free) to suport UNICEF via donation of your old money

    1) this for the currencies still circulating
    2) via Euromoney24 for
    all the pre-EURO currencies you might have like Dutch guilders, German mark, Slovenian tolar, Austrian schilling, Portugese escudo, Spanish peseta, Belgian and Luxembourg franc, Maltese Lira, Irish pund, Koruna of Estonia and Slovakia – that migth be a nice way of using them. Only portage cost is the actual donation, because you can`t really use them anymore.

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