A safer diaper wipe? Yep.

WaterWipes baby wipesIt always scares me when I see a laundry list of unpronounceable ingredients on my baby’s personal care packages. Especially when said product is a diaper wipe, meant to touch the delicate nether regions of my little one. Thankfully, there’s a new wipe in town that contains only two ingredients–water and fruit extract.

WaterWipes from the Irish brand DermaH2O,
have just launched in the U.S. and they very well might be the purest
wipes around. Made with 99.9% water and .1% grapefruit seed extract,
these are wipes you can feel confident about.

I am seriously turned off by any baby product that is loaded with fragrance, since most
fragrances are loaded with a whole host of nasties. I love the totally
clean scent–which is actually no scent at all–of WaterWipes. Bonus: the folks at WaterWipes use a
patented package to make sure the wipes stay nice and moist, even after the pack is open.

reason to love these preservative-free wipes is the softness factor.
They’re made with a [correction] 100% viscose which makes them biodegradable, and offer the kind of touch you’d
expect from a really nice fabric. Not that I plan on getting any really
nice fabrics near my sweetpea’s tush anytime soon.


WaterWipes are available on Diapers.com and our affiliate Amazon for $4.99 for a 72 count pack or $1.99 for a travel-size 10 count pack.


Melissa Schweiger is a seasoned author, journalist, blogger and proud mom of two troublemaking boys.


  • Reply March 12, 2012


    How do they compare in price with other natural wipes brands?

  • Reply March 16, 2012


    I live in Ireland where these wipes have been available for about a year and they are absolutely fantastic. My baby boy has never had one day of rash or irritation. They stay really moist to the last wipe and are generously sized. Love them!

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