Natural craft supplies that are as beautiful as what your kids create

GLOB natural non-toxic art suppliesAs a mom, some of my fondest moments with my kids are creating arts and
crafts together.  I’ve never met a kid that doesn’t like to get their
little hands involved in a project–all the more reason I care about
what ends up on those little hands.

Introducing GLOB,
makers of creative and beautiful craft supplies that are naturally made. The  paints and crayons all come from natural and
biodegradable materials–even the paint cups are compostable.  So my kids will not only get a lesson in art,
but one in conservation.  

GLOB natural paint packets

Natural easter egg dyes

I also love that GLOB
specializes in botanically crafted paints that come from fruits, vegetables, flowers and spices
with natural ingredients
and organic extracts, are all made in California. Just in time for some natural Easter egg dyes! Of course that means that the products are a little pricier than your average discount store paint kit–six bamboo brushes are $18, as is the paint kit shown at top.

Fortunately, right now
is offering GLOB products for up to 33% off in their weekly kids pop-up shop. Hurry over, because
the sale only lasts until Wednesday at 7PM ET.  If you are not a Fab member, you can
sign up using our invitation link. -Kirsten

Find natural craft supplies at GLOB. And don’t miss the project section on site for craft projects for kids using their colors, including Easter egg-dying and hand-made play dough.

Kirsten Grove is an interior decorator and designer, the author of the popular design blog Simply Grove, and a former contributor to Cool Mom Picks.

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    I am glad to know this stuff is available! Especially since my hippie days of collecting my own materials for dyes are over. Thanks!

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