10 funny Mother’s Day cards for extra cool moms

Funny Mother's Day cards: You're my favorite momNot every mom is a flowery, sappy Mothers Day card mom. There are a few of us who can appreciate something with just a little more sass, a little more sense of humor. For them, I’ve tracked down these ten cards that had me smirking, smiling, or flat out laughing.

above: favorite mom so far $4 from 4four


Funny Mother's Day cards: Sorry I swear so much

swear card, $3.25 from michelle brusegaardFunny Mother's Day cards: Motherhood is Beautiful

motherhood is beautiful card, $3 from alternate greetings
(inside: now let me pick that moist cheerio out of your hair so I can say it with a straight face.)

Funny Mother's Day cards: My life would suck without you

my life would suck without you, $3 from letter happy

Funny Mother's Day cards: Thanks for loving me

lady parts card, $4 at wit and whistle. (yeoch!)

Funny Mother's Day cards: Obligatory

obligatory card: the one I will probably get. seriously.  $4 at 4four

Funny Mother's Day cards: You're my very favorite mom

my very favorite mom, $8 from sparrow nest script
(though definitely not for families with two mommies)


Funny Mother's Day Cards: Best Mom Everrrbest mom everrr, $4 at hen pen designs
Funny Mother's Day cards: eye roll

eye roll card, $4 at creativity cards

Funny Mother's Day cards: Madmom

customizable madmom card, by design collective, $2.99 or $1.99 for members at treat.com

(of course, you’ll need a Mother’s Day gift too)

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  • Reply April 25, 2012


    just bought the eye roll card for my mama. too perfect! wish my kids were old enough to buy the lady parts card–genius.

  • Reply April 25, 2012


    Love these! I’ve never shopped at 4four before but they have some cute selections. Love how many customizable cards there are online right now for Mother’s Day, too.

  • Reply May 1, 2012


    Too bad I don’t see a card for a drunk, lying mother in law…..just sayin. (;

    Etsy has the best cards and these are awesome!….just NOT what I need. LOL

  • Reply May 2, 2012


    Just ordered “MadMom” card for mom and I who adore MadMen. She will laugh out loud when she recieves this card! Unique and perfect card for us! Thanks so much!

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