Pretty badges! And you don’t have to sell cookies to get them

Anybody can send a regular card, but I think you should get extra points for proclaiming your love and good wishes with these fancy letterpress-printed badges.

Hammerpress badge cards | Cool Mom Picks

The chic letterpress badge cards from Hammerpress are designed and hand-printed in Kansas City, and can make even the simplest expression beautiful. And they’re pretty enough to frame.

Hammerpress double thumbs card | Cool Mom Picks

Hammerpress thank you card | Cool Mom Picks

Hammerpress good work card | Cool Mom Picks

Hammerpress Mom card | Cool Mom Picks

Hammerpress congratulations card | Cool Mom Picks

Gorgeous, right? And at $5.50 each, they’re for special occasions, but still less less expensive than that farting grandpa card at the drugstore. -Delilah

Find beautiful letterpress badge cards at Hammerpress. Their sale section has some rectangular cards for only $1.


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