How to make (or buy) the coolest Rainbow Loom bracelet patterns: The ultimate guide

If you haven’t yet heard of the crazy success of Rainbow Loom Bracelets, you cannot be a parent. Or you are a parent, but for some reason, haven’t noticed that every single kid on the planet seems to be wearing them up to their elbows these days. They’re like the love child of the lanyard of my own summer camp days, and the Silly Bandz craze of a few years ago.

If you want to make your own, or your kid is tired of making the same old style, I’ve put together a comprehensive roundup of good YouTube Rainbow Loom Bracelet How-To tutorials for some of the top designs at all levels.

If you’d rather buy them, well we’ve also got some entrepreneurial bracelet makers on Etsy, lots of them students.

Just make sure you know how big they are before you order. My six year-old is fond of making me Rainbow Loom bracelets that fit her dolls just fine.

fishtail rainbow loom bracelets on etsy | cool mom picks


Make: Fishtail Rainbow Loom Tutorial on Youtube by Ashley Steph

Fishtail Rainbow Loom Tutorial on YouTube, by Vera Sweeney.

Buy: Fishtail Rainbow Loom Bracelets by 4 Sisters Bracelets on Etsy ($2)



Hexafish rainbow loom bracelet by Cutie Pie Bracelet | Cool Mom Picks


Make: The Hexafish Tutorial on YouTube by Justin’s Toys

Buy: Hexafish Rainbow Bracelet by Cutie Pie Bracelet on Etsy ($5)


Related:  The guide to the coolest advanced Rainbow Loom patterns



ladder rainbow loom bracelet on etsy | cool mom picks


Make: The Ladder Rainbow Loom Bracelet Tutorial on YouTube by Ashley Steph

Buy: Custom Rainbow Loom Ladder Bracelet by South Beachh ($4)



triple single rainbow loom bracelet on etsy | cool mom picks

Make: Triple Single Rainbow Loom Tutorial on YouTube by Ashley Steph

Buy: Triple Single Rainbow Loom Bracelet by Mommys Craft Box ($3)



double braid rainbow loom bracelet on etsy | cool mom picks

Make:  Double Braid Rainbow Tutorial on YouTube by Allys Bracelets

Buy: Double Braid Rainbow Bracelet by Rainbow Loom Lover on Etsy ($5)



double x rainbow loom bracelet on etsy | cool mom picks

Make: Double X Rainbow Loom Tutorial on YouTube by Ashley Steph

Buy: Double X Rainbow Loom Bracelet By Handmade by Fish Musish ($3)



starbust rainbow loom bracelet on etsy | cool mom picks

Make: Rainbow Loom Starbust Tutorial on YouTube by Ashley Steph

Buy: Starbust Rainbow Loom Bracelet by The Rainbow Loom Club ($2)



sweetheart rainbow loom bracelet on etsy | cool mom picks

Make: Sweetheart Rainbow Loom Tutorial on YouTube by Choon

Buy: Sweetheart Style Rainbow Loom Bracelet by The Rainbow Loom Club ($2)



liberty twistz rainbow loom on etsy | cool mom picks

Make: Liberty Twistz Rainbow Loom tutorial on YouTube by Rainbow Loom

Buy: Liberty Twistz Rainbow Loom Bracelet by 4SistersBracelets ($4)



tulip tower rainbow loom bracelet on etsy | cool mom picks

Make: Tulip Tower Rainbow Loom Bracelet Tutorial on YouTube by Rainbow Loom

Buy: Tulip Tower Bracelet by Rainbow Loom Lover on Etsy ($3.50)



zippy chain rainbow loom bracelet | cool mom picks

Make: Zippy Chain Rainbow Loom Tutorial by Ashley Steph

Buy: Zippy Chain Rainbow Loom Bracelet by Tashis Bracelets on Etsy ($5)

You can find the Rainbow Loom Kits online at our affiliate Amazon, at an independent toy store near you, or in pretty much every kid’s bedroom in America.

For more advanced Rainbow Loom patterns, we’ve got you covered. And if you’re looking for rainbow loom storage ideas, make sure to check out our post!


Liz Gumbinner is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the Cool Mom Picks network. This makes her very happy.


  • Reply September 25, 2013


    Our household also really likes the zig zag pattern. Ashley Steph has a video (though I’m not sure it’s the same Ashley Steph – This one sounds older!)

  • Reply September 26, 2013


    this is the best – my kids are totally gonna plotz when I show this to them, they are rainbow loom obsessed!

  • Reply September 27, 2013


    Thank you so much for including several of my designs on your list. I just wanted to let you know that you should remove any designs sold by LoomBoys; they stole their images for listings from JustinToys and other Etsy stores.

  • Cool Mom Picks
    Reply September 27, 2013

    Cool Mom Picks

    Thanks for the heads up. We noticed the same photo….and wasn’t sure whose came first. We’re all about supporting people who originate the designs. (Although in the case of a huge trend like this…that’s going to be hard.)

  • Reply October 5, 2013


    Thanks so much for including some of our creations in your article!

  • Reply October 6, 2013


    So awesome

  • Reply October 10, 2013


    Thank you for this wonderful list. I am a rainbow loom grandma and love teaching/learning with my granddaughter. You might want to check out tutorials by Made by Mommy. They are for more advanced loomers but her videos are excellent and she has created fantastic diagrams to help you learn.

  • Reply October 12, 2013


    I found a rainbow loom at Michaels in Oregon, where the fad hasn`t really hit, and thought it was an adult project. As a disabled adult, I`m always looking for things to maintain my manual dexterity, and rainbow loom fits the bill perfectly. Thanks for the patterns, and to all you designers out there! I hope to eventually design some, as I learn the way the loom works. But for now, my occupational therapist thinks Rainbow Loom is great!

  • Reply October 14, 2013

    denise johnson

    Oh my! The steps on how to make these bracelets are quite complicated. But still, I am going to give these tutorials a try. These bracelets are so cute. And I really love to have them.

  • Reply October 14, 2013


    I want to know how to make a zippy chain Bracelets????? Oh do u think the starburst Bracelets is easy to make well I think it is because I made 9 so far

  • Reply October 28, 2013


    Can anyone please send me EASY written instructions on how to make a rainbow look with only 2 colors, and a c clip? We are selling them at our school carnival on this Friday and need to place simple directions in the bags for school age children (grades K-8) to follow.


  • Cool Mom Picks
    Reply October 29, 2013

    Cool Mom Picks

    Here’s a really basic tutorial Jenn. You don’t need the stick–my first grader does it with her fingers. Good luck! -L

  • Reply November 4, 2013


    Here is a link for 6000 bands (10 colors) and plenty of clips too on amazon.

  • Reply November 22, 2013

    Beth Agnew

    Great patterns on this site! Thanks, my two daughters are all over these trying to make all of them. They just recently got some Loomey Time watches ( probably the coolest accessory for the Rainbow Loom, and are now trying to attach the patterns on your site

  • […] Rainbow Loom bracelets were all the rage this summer! Here is the Ultimate Guide to making or buying the coolest patterns! […]

  • Reply November 28, 2013

    DeZiney swagler

    I love that there’s just not one way to do this

  • Reply January 18, 2014

    Blossom Darcy

    Brilliant list. Thanks

  • Reply January 23, 2014


    what do you suggest for a begginner like me to do a looming bracelet

    • Reply January 27, 2014


      My granddaughter does the looms all the time and loves it.she started with the single loop first and then went to the fishtail and she does all kinds now. She does so good she sells them at school.

  • Reply January 26, 2014

    crazyloom geek

    I love rainbow loom is there any way that u can tell me how to mak a mini crazy loom rug

  • Reply April 19, 2014

    Dawn Anderson

    i just started doing this i think there soooo!kool I want to learn how to do all of them.I watch all the videos because you try to look at instructions in a book or on the paper that comes with the looms kit and you cant really see it very well. i’ve tried doing a few different ones i like the kool colors of the rubberbands that help these stand out .I ve only mastered the normal chain and the fishtail design so far.Everytime I try some of the other ones one of the ruberbands breaks and messes up the whole desigh but Im determined. lol thank you to all of the girls who make it so easy to follow on youtube im addicted i guess.

  • Reply June 9, 2014


    My daughter is in love with rainbow looms. When she starts a bracelet she won’t stop with her kit until like what, 6 bracelets are made. I showed her this page and she went psycho…LOL.

    I can’t get her off her kit. She loves me now since I showed her this.


  • Reply July 2, 2014

    Jonathan Charles

    Great list. Well done on flagging up the Ashley Steph videos, my six year old trawled many frustrating videos where just at the crucial moment the presenter’s hand went in front of the camera, or other video problem. Ashley was the only person who went slow and managed to keep her camera in a good position.

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