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How to donate to Haiti relief from Hurricane Matthew: The best relief organizations on the ground right now

It was just 6 years ago that we were describing all the wonderful organizations and fundraisers that came together to support Haiti in the wake of a devastating earthquake, and now we’re so heartbroken to be revisiting those resources once again. As of now, 877 people are reported dead and that number is sure to grow. 877 mothers, fathers, children, partners, friends. 877 people. According to UNICEF, that includes half a million children who live in the affected areas. They state that up to 80% of homes in the south are damaged with nearly 16,0000 people in various shelters including at least...

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Many hands–and voices–come together to help Haiti

I was a teen when Live Aid rocked the world, and saw how powerful musicians can be when they come together for a cause. Now, many years later, another group of musicians has come together, this time on a fabulous children’s CD to benefit the Haitian People’s Support Project which helps the people in Haiti who are still recovering from the devastating earthquake. And, in case you were wondering: The music, like the cause, is awesome. Conceived by versatile musician and CMP favorite, Dean Jones, the album Many Hands: Family Music for Haiti quickly became a reality after receiving the support and label backing from Spare...

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Web Coolness – Mom bloggers on the Today Show and more

Here are some things we’ve liked reading around the web this week. We hope you will too. We loved this morning’s Today Show interview about momblogs with CMP friends Isabel Kallman of Alpha Mom, Susan Getgood, and Jen Singer. Just ignore the segment title. Author Katherine Center has a beautiful new website. Don’t miss the inspirational photos of her body art project (shown) which we first discovered at the Mom 2.0 conference last month. Design*Sponge turns us onto the Haiti Poster Project ParentDish talks with one of our great inspirations, trainer Jillian Michaels We love Jaden Hair of Steamy...

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The heart–and art–of a mother

One of the most amazing aspects of being speakers and attendees at the recent Mom 2.0 summit, a conference from the collaborative team of Kirtsy and The Tasteful Life, was the joy of attending the launch of the unbelievable Mom 2.0: Defining a Movement Art Exhibit. This exhibition was filled with gorgeous photos and interpretive art created by some of our favorite fellow bloggers and mothers, exquisitely capturing what it is to be a mother today. We only wish you could have been there too. Well now, you kind of can. Because every single piece is available for purchase...

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Helping kids in Haiti, one Tinkertoy tower at a time.

Here’s a fun way to get your kids involved in the Haiti relief effort: A Play-a-thon. In case you have never heard of one (like me, up until now), it’s just like raising pledges for many other ‘a-thons’, but instead of running, dancing, or phoning a pledge into a B-list celebrity-manned phone bank, your kids play for the money. Get friends, neighbors, grandparents, teachers, whoever you can snag to pledge a flat donation or certain amount for every 15 minutes your kid plays. Invite a group of kids to play together and turn it into a real event. Hasbro...

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Have a Heart for Haiti – hurry over for some retail philanthropy

It’s getting to where so many generous companies are donating to Haiti, it’s becoming harder to keep track of them all. And that’s a good thing. So I was so happy to see that one of our favorite bloggers and great friend of CMP, Christine Koh of Boston Mamas, has helped organize the Have a Heart for Haiti effort, in which Boston mom-run businesses have committed to donating a percentage of profits directly to UNICEF, earmarked for Haiti. The one catch? Today, February 15, is the last day. So hit the site and see if there’s anything you’ve been...

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Paper Culture is giving it all to Haiti for Valentine’s Day

I’m not in the habit of sending out custom photo Valentine’s cards—heck, I can barely get my Christmas cards out in time—but CMP favorite Paper Culture has given me good reason to reconsider. Not only do their lovely modern cards give me another chance to show off my kids’ adorable mugs, but 100% of profits from this year’s Valentine’s Day cardss are being donated to Haiti Relief. Yes, 100%.As the big-hearted designers at Paper Culture describe it, they’re particularly empathetic to those in Haiti, considering their location in earthquake-threatened San Francisco. And, while custom photo cards for Valentine’s Day may...

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An auction to raise money for Haiti. Get something great while doing something great

What happens when some of the most creative bloggers set their minds to raising money for Haiti? Only an auction filled with incredible artwork, handmade toys, clothing, and plenty more we’d like to own even without knowing all the proceeds are going to a cause that’s near and dear to all of our hearts right now. Proceeds from the To Haiti with Love auction, coordinated by one of my all-time favorite bloggers, Kate Inglis, all go directly to the St. Josephs family of homes through the Broken Wings Mission. You will swoon over Kate’s breathtaking photographs, and the fact...

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Helping Haiti, one shirt at a time

We’ve been blown away by the number of companies, big and small, that are donating 10%, 20%, or even more of their sales to help the people of Haiti. But when Threadless announced they were donating 100% of the proceeds, up to $100,000, from the sale of a specially-designed tee to the American Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development Fund, that definitely got our attention. Featuring the words men anpil chay pa lou which translates to many hands make the load lighter, Threadless’ tee was the work of Thomas De Santis and Ivan Tarrazo Sanchez, two designers from the...

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Your old soles could help Haiti

Haiti has been on our minds nonstop since the devastating earthquake last week, but now that donations have been made to some worthy charities, we are stuck with what else can we do? What else? Donate shoes. Soles4Souls has partnered with Foot Solutions to try to get as many gently-worn shoes as possible to the people of Haiti. From little sneakers for a child, to sturdy work boots for an adult clearing rubble, all types of basic footwear are needed except probably snow boots. But, if you have those, send them along since Soles4Souls will be sure to find...

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Web Coolness – Helping Haiti, soothing the soul, and honoring Dr. King

Here are some of the things around the web we’ve liked reading this past week. We hope you will too. What Is Left -Please visit the post Six Ways to Help in Haiti, which we also included this week in our own post on excellent organizations helping out in Haiti Boston Mamas – A Chinese Chicken Soup recipe that could help get us all through this winter or at minimum, a week that demands some comfort food. Parenthacks – Great ideas from readers for organizing hand-me-downs if you’ve got nesting on the calendar. Inspired by a post on Ohdeedoh...

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Got donations? Here’s how to help Haiti

We know that moms are, by definition, givers. But after something like Tuesday’s devastating earthquake in Haiti, it can be hard to know how to best help. If you’re wanting to donate to relief efforts but unsure of where your money will do the most good, we have some suggestions: Chris Sacca shares six excellent charity suggestions, including ways you can donate via texting to both the Red Cross and Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti. There are plenty of other suggestions in the comments on his post, too. MercyCorps is sending an emergency response team in to assist those in...

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