Earthquake in Haiti: how to helpWe know that moms are, by definition, givers. But after something like Tuesday’s devastating earthquake in Haiti, it can be hard to know how to best help.

If you’re wanting to donate to relief efforts but unsure of where your money will do the most good, we have some suggestions:

Chris Sacca shares six excellent charity suggestions, including ways you can donate via texting to both the Red Cross and Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti. There are plenty of other suggestions in the comments on his post, too.

MercyCorps is sending an emergency response team in to assist those in need, and they’ve got an informative post up on their blog about best ways to give the most help, too.

Doctors Without Borders is busy both treating the injured and trying to restore medical facilities; you can read their update here.

Direct Relief International donates every single penny you give right to their emergency relief efforts in Haiti for medical material aid. Fantastic.

[edited to add] We’ve also just learned that 100% of every dollar going to UNICEF USA will be sent directly to emergency relief efforts in Haiti.

Of course, you can always go through Charity Navigator to find organizations working in Haiti, too.

Our thoughts and prayers are with both the people of Haiti and the men and women there right now, doing what they can to help the country recover. -Mir