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Cool Mom Fit – Train Like a Mother + expert tips just for cool moms

We’re always amazed at how many of you are able to make time for running and working out all while chasing after your kids. So with our own Julie Marsh completing her first marathon (go Julie!) and aiming to finish a slew of triathlons this year, and our Editor Kristen setting her sights on completing the Philadelphia Marathon this fall (go Kristen!), we thought it would be the perfect time to kick off our Cool Mom Fit series. Each week, we’ll introduce you to some of the coolest fitness goodies and gear (like those awesome New Balance shoes that Kristen...

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Get your popcorn ready: New York’s International Children’s Film Fest is Coming.

Film fans in the New York area are preparing for the New York International Children’s Film Festival and we are too! Over the past 15 years, the NYICFF has become a huge family event, and a great chance to expose our kids to more than 100 films from 34 countries, that obviously go beyond your usual big box-office fare. If you’re thinking about going (and make your reservations now, it sells out!), the festival runs from March 2-25. And if you need some help figuring out what to see and what your kids will love, we’ve got the scoop–straight...

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Big Miracle Review – and a little of the celebrity gossip you’re hoping for

Like me, you may have seen the Big Miracle ads on TV and thought–hmm, that could be kinda cheesy. So I was frankly a little surprised to find myself at a preview screening, laughing out loud, wiping tears (shhh) and thinking, wow, my kids are going to love this. The film is based, with surprisingly little dramatic deviation, on the true 1988 story of a family of three grey whales trapped under the ice in frigid, sleepy Barrow, Alaska, and how an unlikely crew of ratings-hungry journalists, Inuit whalers, oil moguls, Greenpeace and even the government converge on the...

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Mr. Popper’s Penguins is back, Jim Carrey-fied, and totally fun.

The 1937 book, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, figured into my early years. Chances are that you (and your kids) know and love the book, too–it’s a classic. So when I learned it was going to turned into the movie Mr. Popper’s Penguins starring Jim Carrey, I got twitchy. Would it be Hollywood-ified like so many other books-turned-movies, with rapping penguins and a Miley Cyrus soundtrack? Would it be anything like the book? Answer: it’s not like the book. And that’s exactly why it’s going to become a classic in its own right. [catch a huge giveaway after the jump!] In...

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Beauty tips for moms from Allure beauty director Amy Keller Laird

If there’s someone who knows about beauty products for moms, it’s Amy Keller Laird. As the beauty director of beauty and style bible Allure, she gets her hands on practically every product on the market (I know! We’re jealous too!) and helps decide which ones receive Allure‘s prestigious Best of Beauty award. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to talk to her about her mommy must-haves, since Amy’s a mom to a 21-month-old son herself. Here’s all the scoop on which products she thinks are not to be missed. [don’t miss a ton of great products and ideas...

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New crib bedding sets from Maclaren – the inside scoop from David Netto himself

I’m a firm believer in color therapy, especially when it comes to kid’s rooms. So when I saw the bold and peppy new crib bedding sets from Maclaren, which happens to be the complete opposite of their very chic and very white nursery furniture, my mood magically began to lift. [don’t miss a huge awesome giveaway after the jump!] “If you look around at children’s bedding, it’s vastly light blue and light pink,” Maclaren’s chief designer (and modern design icon) David Netto explained to me. And who could disagree? “I wanted to create something that didn’t exist in the marketplace, which was...

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Organizational tips from Sarah Welch of Pretty Neat and Get Buttoned Up

I consider myself to be a pretty organized person, save for the junk drawer and my backpack graveyard of a hall closet (shhhhh). But since adding another kiddo into our mix, I can use all the organizational help I can get. That’s why I was anxious to get a copy of Alicia Rockmore and Sarah Welch’s new book Pretty Neat. These ladies are the masterminds behind the ButtonedUp organizational products we love, and they also share their expertise over at Babycenter’s blog (like we do!). While there are a ton of awesome, real life, easy to implement tips in...

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