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Jewelry that begs the question “Where did you get that?”

One thing that hasn’t changed about me since I’ve had kids: My penchant for big, bold jewelry. And while it’s a little harder to find the time (and the sitter) to wear them, when I find pieces like these, I’m suddenly much more motivated to get that date night or girl’s night out on the books. Everything from Lavish Jewelry is made in Brazil under the careful eye of designer and mom Tricia Milaneze, and it’s some of the coolest I’ve seen. Each is made using a wire crochet technique like you’ll see in the braided cuff that is...

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The summer necklaces that will get you all the compliments. Promise.

I have lost count of the number of compliments I’ve received on my gorgeous Elk necklace. And I’m gearing up for more now that they’ve released their newest collection that’s perfect for summer. The gorgeous new Elk jewelry collection is now available at SFMOMA, which means easier access to this Australia-based company’s pieces, for those of us who are stateside. With Mother’s Day (and my birthday) coming up, I’ve got my eye on the layered leaves wooden necklace (above), though I’m torn between the yellow and the red. The navy woodplate necklace would look fabulous over a white t-shirt...

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Spring trend: Colorful, dangly earrings. We’ll take two, please.

I get so excited the second the weather turns springy and a woman’s fancy turns to colorful accessories. (Just me?) Yeah, emerald green is hot. But who says you have to stick with Pantone’s pick? The great thing is, this season, whatever color looks good on you, you can find something dangly and fun that’s calling your name.   Saffron Amelia Earrings (above) are so bright and happy, but not so blingy that you can’t wear them day-to-night. ($90, Charm + Chain) The Gold Chrysoprase Drop Clip Earrings are like the crazy ones you wish your Great Aunt had...

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Blue is the new whatever color you like wearing best

While the whole fashion world has been overly focused on emerald green lately as the favored Spring Pantone Color of 2013, I’m still a little more charmed by all the blues I’m seeing. The right blue can actually be an awesome neutral, and a great alternative to black, as I’m finding recently. (Let me say, as a New Yorker, anything that can gently pry me away from black is a Very Big Deal.) Here are just a few investment pieces that I have my eye on this season to up the fashion quotient without a complete wardrobe overhaul. I...

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Sometimes a little pampering is in order: the natural indulgence of Tata Harper Skincare

Luxe alert: I was introduced to the 100% natural, nontoxic Tata Harper Skincare at Canyon Ranch this summer. It was a moment of seriously posh pampering in my otherwise ordinary life, and an incredibly soothing experience. Luckily, it’s a splurge you can enjoy at home–well, minus the aesthetician. So if you know someone who could use some pampering and serious self-care after a long year (including you!), you might just want to give Santa the heads-up. Honestly, I’m hooked on this line, and here’s why. For starters, Tata Harper Skincare is created using 100% natural ingredients that I can...

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Sparkle on: these rings rock however you roll

I admit it. Finding unique accessories that stand out from what I see on the wrists and fingers of the other women in my neighborhood gives me a little caffeine shot of joy. I love it when someone asks, “Where did you get that?”  Sometimes I want to keep my fun finds all to myself. But here’s a shop I’ll share with you, because these rings just plain rock. (Not to mention they are handcrafted from rock–how nifty is that?) Rablabs creates lovely, shimmery, hand-crafted rings from solid pieces of natural agate druze. They’re just the right balance of...

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One of these things is not like another

I’m definitely a devotee of handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry. And some of my favorite pieces are the ones that can’t be replicated at all, because the form comes from the imperfect shape of the stone, like a geode or a swath of quartz. So I love this San Francisco Etsy artist who features beautiful, affordable pieces that do justice to that very style. The limited edition jewelry of Frieda Sophie is treat to browse. Just a quick look, and I’m drooling over pieces like the vanilla agate druzy necklace (above) which would go with pretty much anything I own in...

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Punk goes pretty (says the Doc Martens fan)

You never forget your first pair of Docs. And I imagine you’ll never forget your first Doc Martens bag that melds their steadfast styling with the gorgeous fabrics of Liberty London. Who said punk couldn’t be pretty? When two British style institutes merge, you know the product is going to be impressive. We love the new bags by Doc Martens and Liberty London, so much that one of our editors already bought one–and that’s without a discount code. There are four bags in the Doc Martens x Liberty collection, two large satchels and two medium satchels. Each bag is...

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Buy jewelry, save the world. Seems fair.

I’ve got a thing for artisan jewelry. So you can only imagine that I fell pretty hard for the beautiful selection from Joan Hornig Jewelry. But it gets better, when you find out that Joan is not just an artistic talent, but a very clever philanthropist with a very clever idea. With sales of every piece in her boutique, from the beautiful and relatively affordable Knock on Wood ring (below) to the stationery selection, to an 18k gold bracelet in the $18,000 range (at top), Joan Hornig donates 100% of the profits on each piece to the charity of...

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The big bangle theory

As much as I love chunky rings and big bangles and cuffs, this season I’m finding myself drawn to daintier pieces, like these gorgeous, handcrafted ones at Alice Roche Jewelry. The triangle water bangles are light and airy, though still sturdily made from sterling silver, with the cool shape and ox silver adding the perfect little twist and uniqueness that I’m personally drawn to. I also love how Alice is committed to using reclaimed materials as well as those manufactured here in the United States. It can offer a nice balance if you’re still into big chunky ring or...

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