Hayden-Harnett colorblock handbag
I have absolutely loved the colorful handbag trend that’s helped get me through winter, and I’m thrilled to see it shows no signs of taking leave come spring. Which is less than a month away, incidentally. Feel free to squee at your leisure.

Hayden-Harnett, my very favorite little Brooklyn handbag co that seems to be getting bigger by the minute, has a nice little lineup of new arrivals for spring. But my favorite has to be the Hayden-Harnett Mondrian tote bag in wild rose and candy apple. Even the colors sound yummy.

The colorblock tote comes in five color combos, including a versatile black/gray, and a beautifully classic cream and blue (sorry…cream and Atlantic) should your tastes lean preppier.

This is also a fantastic time to check out the Hayden-Harnett clearance section with bags up to 70% off. $84 for that hobo-style cargo totein charcoal or black? Grab it!

hayden-harnett bag
All the H-H bags are sturdy, durable, and beautifully constructed out of amazing leather and beautiful fabric linings, with loads of pockets that keep me from dumping my keys in with my cell phone and scratching it up.

The Mondrian Tote is definitely priced to be a special bag, unless you’re a Beverly Hills Real Housewife. In which case, buy one in every color by all means. We live vicariously through your closets anyway. –Liz

Preorder the Hayden-Harnett Mondrian tote bag now for a 3/22 ship date.

Edited to add: The colorblock totes described above are no longer available at Hayden-Harnett, but check out the Turnlocks Nude/Navy and Turnlocks Vermillion/Violet colorblock totes.

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