After cruising through way too many websites full of beaded mommy jewelry that look like something my daughter could have made at preschool, I nearly gave up on my search for the perfect personalized mommy necklace. But amidst the sites featuring fake-jeweled charms of children with wiggly appendages, I found the beautiful recycled silver jewelry at Mommy Tags. Her chic mommy tag and heart of gold necklaces and bracelets feature a simple "Bebe Love" tag (yes, that’s French for baby) accompanied by a custom mini-tag with your child/ren’s name and birthdate. Not only do I love that the silver comes from recycled film, but they are so dainty and understated that you can wear these ode-to-my-child pieces and not scream I’m-wearing-a-mommy-necklace to passers-by. Even better, she does custom pieces, and makes daddy and tot tags as well. All I can say is I know what I’m getting for Mother’s Day… –Kristen
Get a free sliver cleaning cloth with your purchase of a Mommy Tag set. Enter code CMP06 in the comments section of the order form.


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