I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a nervous mom-to-be ask, "so what did you do after the baby got home? Just…look at her?" Well, kind of. Yeah. I also watched more mindless TV than I ever thought possible.
If only I had discovered Rookie Moms back before I OD’d on Surreal Life reruns.
Rookie Moms, a guide to the first year of motherhood from two self-proclaimed geeky moms from Berkley, is one of the freshest, most useful websites we’ve come across lately. It lets you navigate through hundreds of activities and pointers for new moms "that are more fun than cleaning someone’s tushie."
You’ll find age-appropriate games to play, easy craft projects, even inventive day trips to get you out of the house. My favorite: strapping the baby up in the Bjorn, grabbing a camera, and making a photo journal of his birthplace. There are even suggestions just for you when you find yourself with little bit of downtime. Or if you never have downtime, ways to make more of it. (Go ahead and let the laundry pile up. It won’t kill you.)
The website has a nice, breezy tone and the suggestions are all short and to the point–further evidence that Whitney and Heather really do understand the attention span of sleep-deprived new parents. I’m forwarding the link to my own pregnant friends right this minute. –Liz


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