I admit that I’m the girl that needs the very thick layer of deodorant applied at least two times a day. I lost all hope for ever having dry, baby soft pits that didn’t shed all over my entire wardrobe until I found The Rock–the Thai Rock, that is. If you haven’t heard about this pure genius in a plastic container, then you are missing out.
Thai Rock, made of nothing but pure mineral salts, kills all the bacteria under your armpits and totally eliminates without any thick cream, stinky scents, or aluminum. Quite frankly, rubbing toxins under my armpits and hindering my sweat glands from doing their job has always scared me. Of course it’s hard not to be skeptical when you are being asked to rub a large wet rock under your pits. But guided by desperation, I rubbed vigorously, and lo and behold, it works. No stench and no stains. As a special bonus, it even works on stinky feet. Not that I’d know about that kind of thing. –Kristen


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