VirtuosodvdIf you are one of those moms who’d love to take your kid to music class but dreads singing in front of anyone except yourself in the bathroom mirror, then the Music’s Everywhere dvd is the perfect solution for you. Created by Boston husband and wife team Adam and Tricia, this refreshingly un-slick dvd provides an informal introduction to music literacy for children up to three years old.

While at first glance it looks a bit like that other series of dvds, Music’s Everywhere is completely different in that it teaches as much as it entertains (thereby giving you a 28 minute break so you can enjoy your own music. (You know – stuff that doesn’t involve dancing frogs and flying elephants.) I’m not surprised that my 20-month old (a certified mommy-music class junkie) was engrossed by the great music, colorful scenery, and cast of kids singing along.

It really is just like being in a music class, only with green screen. Which means that even if you do enjoy weekly music classes, Music’s Everywhere can be a great substitute when the runny noses and sore throats keep you home. –Kristen
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