Cloth diapers are back, baby, and they aren’t anything like the leaky versions of yesteryear. No huge scary pins or fancy folding skills required.
The Very Basic All in One diaper from Very Baby is as easy as cloth diapering gets. These dipes are almost like using ‘sposies (aka disposables), and the built in waterproof layer means no more plastic-y rubber pants that crack and stink.
Not only are these diapers better for the environment and your baby’s bottom, if you’re looking to save some cashola, this might be the way to go. And no worries, washing and using cloth diapers is way easier that you think. If I can do it, so can you. Trust me there.
And if you are a super DIY-er, you can sew your own Very Basic All in Ones by purchasing the pattern or even become a licensed dealer yourself and create your own cottage industry business. So, pick your pleasure and some great diapers too. – Kristen


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