I am not living up to my obligations as a Virgo these days; I’m supposed to be organized, neat and fastidious. Instead I am, like any new mom, a disorganized train wreck. If for some crazy reason, someone official were to barge into my home and demand my daughter’s social security card I would hope they had a few hours to kill while I dug around for it.
The perfect solution: the BabyBriefcase. While it sounds like an attach√© for future Wall Streeters, it’s simply a smart way to help keep new moms organized.
As founder Tamar Shay points out, your bundle of joy does come with an unexpected bundle of paperwork.
So the BabyBriefcase helps you manage all of it with a really well-considered organization system. The kit features with twenty folders and preprinted tabs for categories like Immunizations & Vaccinations and Childcare Search. Plus it includes goodies like organization tips, baby info wallet cards, and blank folder tabs that you can customize yourself. Me? I’d do Take-out Menus That Don’t Suck and Parenting Articles I’ll Get Around to Reading Like Maybe When She Turns 21.
But best of all, the kit provides you with a thank you note tracker. You show me a new mom who’s got all her thank you notes under control and I’ll show you a woman with four nannies, a cook and a live-in maid. -Liz
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