While I was a poncho-wearing breastfeeder myself, let’s face it – ponchos are a little last year. And unless you like to wear wool in June, they’re not so great for temperature moderation in the warmer months (which is pretty much all but two, for my fellow Southern state dwellers).
So the gals at Bebe Au Lait have created crisp, cool, and chic nursing coverlets that are simple to use and easy to wear. They slip over your head and have a special banded opening (see the picture) to allow you to see the baby. They fold up easily and can be whipped out when a light blanket or burp cloth cannot be found.
If you’re like me, you like to keep the nursing boob- flashing to a minimum. Pick up one of these and you can rest assured that your baby will be the only one who will see your hooters. At least, when you’re nursing, that is. -Kristen


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