If you’re the type who prefers your child in slightly more interesting clothing (coughGAPcough) than every other kid on the block is wearing, we feel you. So does designer Heather Flottman.
Her online boutique, Lilliputians NYC, is packed not only with fabulous original designs, but truly original items, since many of them are one-of-a-kind or handcrafted in limited runs.
We especially love The Butterflies, Cherry Blossoms and Kimono Girls Asian Dress–a deceptively long name for such a chic little wisp of a frock. Love the styling, the whimsical Asian theme, and above all, her toddler daughter LIly who models her mom’s creations. And don’t think we missed how charming the dress looks with a pair of pint-size Chuck Taylors.
The Frida Kahlo-inspired pants set and coordinated barrettes are also an utterly fantastic find. Who says you can’t merge feminism and fashion?
So go. Shop. Now. Or risk seeing the outfit you absolutely positively must have–on someone else’s child. -Liz

Tags: baby clothes

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