Feeling a little unhip these days? Having a hard time understanding "the kids" on MTV? Don’t worry. We’ve all been there. Weknow how those Gymboree classes, playgroups, and never-ending Barney episodes can suck the cool right out of you.
Sodon’t despair — there’s hope! Slang Flashcardswill have you talking street in no time at all.With definitions, graphics and "use-it-in-a-sentence" examples (almost as good as the spelling bee), these cards are hilarious. And even if you don’t need any help being more “with it,” they’re worth having purely for their comedic value. Coffee table books? Pshaw. Lay these puppies out for an all around good time.
And if you’re really low on the coolness quotient, no worries. Grab both volumes and you’ll be fashizzling in no time at all.
– Izzy
A Cool Mom is a Happy Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!


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