As if I don’t have a hard enough time falling asleep already, I am constantly dealing with my night-owl neighbors whose bright kitchen light shines right into our bedroom window.

Tying to avoid any neighborly conflicts, I’m thinking of scoring an eye pillow from Pillows for the People. Parisa started selling them on the chic streets of Soho and has since moved to a larger venue due to their poularity. Handmade from vintage kimono silk and filled to the brim with the soft scent of lavender, geranium rose, or chamomile peppermint, these pillows might just be the ticket to blocking out the bright lights and soothing my tired eyeballs.
If the variety of amazing fabrics aren’t incentive enough, buy one and you’ll be joinng the ranks of Leo DiCaprio and Jennifer Beals–oh what a feeling. Good sleep, that is. –Kristen
Happy Better Sleep Month!


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