Sometimes I get tired of being the go-to gal for any kind of creative writing. Need a poem for your second cousin’s daughter’s fifth grade graduation? An apologetic letter to overbearing in-laws? A newsletter for the softball team?I’m the one who gets the call. So when I found Story People, I felt like I’d happened upon my own personal nirvana.

The staff of artistic types at Story People combine stunning prose (browse the extensive list of options here) with whimsical colors-not-found-in-nature illustrations, transforming everyday emotions and situations into extraordinary real artwork. It’s like giving a greeting card times a million.The print we own spurs conversations and smiles, and isas at home in a newborn’s nursery as in my formal dining room. At $30 for an unframed print,they arepriced for real people – real people who don’t always have the time (let alone ability) to conceive, write, illustrate, color, and print the sentiments on their minds. – ASN