You know what about impending fatherhood freaks me out more than anything else? That my nice little sleek-and-minimal- with-a-side-of-organic-cotton aesthetic will be buried under the inevitable onslaught of pastel plaid ruffles and battery-powered, light-flashing, muzak-emitting "baby crack".

I imagine I am not alone in my concern regarding that most public of baby accoutrements, the diaper bag. There is something particularly unappealing about the thought of carrying a giant, shapeless nylon bag with 8,000 pockets.

Thankfully, the good people at Utne have given us a very cool earth-friendly messenger bag that makes a great diaper bag alternative.

It’s made of natural un-dyed rubber with an organic cotton backing, produced sustainably by rubber tapping families living in the rainforest. The color of each one is unique, being specific to the trees from which the rubber wastapped, and varying seasonally. About as far from pastel plaid ruffles as you can get, that’s for sure.

Maybe now I can focus on the aspects of fatherhood that really ought to be freaking me out. You know, like, um, everything else. -Finn, Father’s Day Week guest contributor

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