When it comes to baby gifts, I don’t want to be the practical mom who gives the ten-pack of store brand burp cloths. I want to be the fun mom! The one who gives something that will never be spit up on, peed on, or pooped on over the course of its lifespan.
If you’re like me, the Pixie Blossoms Boutique will be right up your alley. Brazilian born mama Zabrina Lee makes excellent use of bright color and bold design in creating what she calls "pieces of joy."
These include original frames that brighten up any nursery; charming keepsake boxes embelished with details like daisy buttons and red felt ladybugs; and unique canvases that add a kick to the new kiddo’s walls. But it’s the handpainted and appliqued birdhouses in particular that make me feel all happy inside.The only way they’ll get pooped on is if you hang them under a tree. And wouldn’t that be a shame. -Liz


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