When I heard Japanese scientists were researching soy powered vehicles, I wasn’t surprised. Aside from Ben & Jerry’s and boot cut jeans, soy is the most amazing discovery. And apparently it’s not just a dairy subsitute anymore.
Check out these cute baby onesies from Pur Bebe, created from a combination of cotton and soybean fiber. Touted as "vegetable cashmere," soybean fiber is formed from a way-too-complicated- to-explain process that starts with extracting proteins from leftover dregs at tofu factories. By the time they get through with it, you’ve got a soft, hearty material that is perfect for your sweet babe.
Due to thefiber’s tight weave, the fabric has less stretch, providing an almost second-skin fit. So your child gets to spared from thin, near see-throughonesies and you get to dress him in something comfy that’s good for the earth.Dare I say it’s more satisfying than asoy mocha (no whip of course)? -Kristen