As a new mom, I had heard that swaddling was the answer to my sleep deprivation. I tried to make that perfectly tight burrito blanket the nurses achieved so effortlessly in the hospital, only for my daughter to free her hands in a matter of seconds and commence screaming.
I imagine if we had owned a Swaddleaze in those early months, we both would have gotten more shut-eye. Created by mom Heather Allard, the Swaddleaze startle-free sleeper is a combination swaddler and sleep sack. It’s a simple and safe alternative to the loose blankets that drive us all batty. Just wrap your little one up, fasten the velcro tab on the back, and prepare yourself for the blissful non-sounds of your slumbering child.
In fact, don’t just buy one, buy two. Unless you like doing laundry. But if you ask me, I assume you’d rather be sleeping. -Kristen


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