Maybe you’re a champ with the chopsticks now, but do you remember how hard it was to get the hang of it? I bet you stabbed your Moo Shu Pork at least once (or worse) before the nice server made you a set of tong-sticks so you could eat more than three bites an hour.
Fear not–your kids needn’t be subjected to the same arduous learning curve. Chopstick Kids makes it simple and fun to learn the authentic way to dig into that fried rice. These absurdly cute, food-safe rubber hinges fit on any set of chopsticks, including the kid-sized pair they come with. Slide them on and turn those rhythm sticks into easy eating utensils.
Because as we all know, Calfornia Rolls just don’t taste the same off a fork, no matter how young you are. -Kristen
[via the parenting weblog]


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