Every once in a while, I come upon some new children’s music that makes me want to grab other parents on the street, plop my headphones over their head and scream, "You’ve got to hear this!" Frances England is one of these arists.
A kids’ music artist who lists Liz Phair among her influences–let’s just say it’s hard to go wrong here. England’s debut album, Fascinating Creatures, is a collection of songs that are lyrically and musically appropriate for kids, but with enough of an edge that they could pass for grown-up music. Her lyrics throughout the album are smart and original. Rather than going for obvious rhymes, she writes in a conversational rhythm and creates beautiful images for the listener.
Check out a few sample tracks, then be sure to get your copy of Fascinating Creatures. Because in a year or two, when Frances England is a Very Big Deal in the world of children’s music–which I guarantee she will be–you’ll be able to say, "Oh, Frances? Yeah, we’ve been listening to her foreeeeeeever." –Amy

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