I try to lay low during my infrequent workouts. No fancy footwear or coordinating clothes to bring any attention to myself or my built-by-Krispy Kreme hips.
But with one of these Euro-chic aluminum SIGG water bottles at Reusable Bags, I’m bound to up my gym status without even joining the marathon club. They’re eco-friendly and resistant to fruit acid and isotonic drinks–meaning no weird nasty juice taste in your H20.
What’s best, if you’re caught wind of rumblings regarding chemicals from plastic bottles leaching into the water, you’ve now got one less thing to worry about.We love the great patterns and sleek design. And just think, they might even be distracting enough to buy you more than the 30 minute max on the treadmill. Just what you were hoping for, right? -Kristen
[thanks, Jeanine]


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