I have never understood the question, "what bag do you carry?" Bag? As in, one bag, singular? I know of no such thing.
If you share my weakness for accessories, you’re going to love Chicago designer Suzanne Kopulos’ Boujie Baby Couture. She offers three styles of funky diaper bags (all available online at the very cool Psycho Baby) for the well-heeled mama who pushes her stroller to the beat of her own drum. The designs have a downtown sensibility with touches like leather trim and a few well-placed blingy accents. It’s just enough sparkle to draw the eye away from your postpartum pooch, but not so much that you’ll be Over It in a week. Of course diaper bags are useless if not practical. Boujie Baby nails it with a super lightweight design (key!), deep accessory pockets, a matching changing pad, and a nylon coating that wipes clean in a sec.
These are splurge bags, for sure. But the way I see it, if you’re going to be carrying poo down the street on a regular basis, you may as well look like a million bucks doing so. –Liz
Updated 4/07: While Psychobaby continues to carry many cool things, Boujie Baby bags are not among them. You can instead find them at My Posh Baby

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