I’ve had a thing for robots ever since Lost in Space. It continued with Rosie from the Jetsons, and then of course, R2D2–who, between he and C3PO, was clearly "the cute one." My new favorite robot has got to be Boris, the WD40tini-sipping, tapdancing, Peel Trident-driving mascott of Orlando designer Katherine Miller. He’s also the focus of these hilarious decoupaged robot switchplates, an inexpensive way to add a little fun to the kid’s room.Choose from four clever designs, including Boris engaged in a pillow fight, or entertaining himself with a sock pupet. But midcentury modern fan that I am, I’ve got to have this one, featuring my guy relaxing in a 60s-era Aarnio style ball chair.
They’re only $6 at the artist’s online shop, WHiRR Laboratories. –Liz


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