At 6 months pregnant, I’m alreadywearing a size large in most of my shirts. Okay, all of them. And even then, I’m still pulling down my not-so-flattering shirt to cover the band that barely keeps my pants up.
Apparently designer and mom Michaela Cotter Santen of Bumpstyle had the same problem. But instead of whining about it (like me), she decided to take matters into her own creative hands. The result? Luscious, one-size-fits-most cotton maternity tops that are long enough to cover your pants. No tugging whatsoever, I swear. Andwhile they’re not priced for the aisles of Target they’re better in both quality and style, with the designs featuring original artwork from Portland artists.
Believe me, you’ll want to wear these shirts every single day.And we figure that anything that drawsattention to your belly in a good way is worth the purchase. -Kristen

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