I’ve always believed there’s something special about a child’s name. While my daughter’s name is not "a family name" but rather just one we both agreed on (which was a feat in and of itself), it still feels as if it were meant for her, both in its sound, meaning, and intent.
And so, I was moved when I found the charming felt wallhangings handcrafted by artist and mom Kerri-Lynne Menard of Wallflower Felts. Using a unique, very personalized process, Kerri-Lynne takes the time to get to knowher little subjects to insure that each piece incorporates his or her name in a way that optimally reflects the child’s unique spirit.
The finished product is a truly one-of-a-kind, hand-constructed felt masterpiece.If our high regards aren’t convincing enough, check out what other happy customers have to say about Kerri-Lynne’s work. And celebrate your child andher personality with a piece of art as specialher name itself. -Kristen


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