I spent an entire day wracking my brain, trying to determine why we did not own a proper winter jacket for our baby last winter. Then the all-knowing daddy came to the rescue: "Because we had a Popover." D’oh! Created by mom and self-proclaimed "Bjorn addict" Jackie Haberfield, the Popover is absolutely a brilliantly conceived product. Made from toasty Windpro Polartec which is four times more wind resistant than regular fleece, this hoodie/bag fits perfectly over your kiddo while he’s in the Bjorn (or the stroller, should your back need a break). Despite the comprehensive instructions for use, you literally just…pop it on. And it pops off easily too, so he won’t overheat when you’re stuck on line in the supermarket behind the lady who’s paying entirely in pennies.
I cannot sing the Popover’s praises loudly enough–I love the mitten cuffs that fold down, the hood that snaps on and off, the small pocket in front, and the six fantastic colors. So go, buy one now! Or you’ll only have yourself to blame when your mother-in-law makes a comment about the baby’s innapropriate winter wear. –Liz
NOTE: Due to high traffic, the site may be experiencing some difficulties. If this is the case, you can order by emailing jackie@popoverbaby.com, or calling 917-405-2536.

Tags: babywearing

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