When I first had my baby, I spared no expense at procuring the fanciest, most expensive, la-di-da baby lotions and creams from Europe. And then, I promptly gave them away. The smell! Oh my goodness, the smell–so sweet, I felt my insulin levels soar as soon as the cap came off. The lotions and creams from mom-run Nature’s Baby Products, however, are a far more appealing alternative. There’s a great range of products from baby moisturizers to shampoos and body washes, all made from all natural, non-toxic, vegan ingredients. And you’ll especially love the light lavender-chamomile fragrance which won’t make passersby wonder whether your baby had a run-in with the agressive perfume pushers at Bloomingdales.
Besides, we first learned about Nature’s Baby from a very doting gay uncle with outstanding taste in bath products. Need I say more? –Liz
Enter code MOMMIES into the comments section at checkout for 15% off your order at Nature’s Baby.