While it’s not indicated on our calendars, every parent knows that candy season starts just before Halloween, progresses through chocolate turkeys on Thanksgiving, peaks gloriously on Christmas day, and then trickles to a close with nervous dental visits in early January.
If you’re going to get the kids hopped up on sugar, why not make them work for it a bit this year? I just love the concept behind the Make Your Own Candy kits from Kate’s Caring Gifts, a very cool website with an abundance of eco-friendly, natural, and fair trade goodies for parents and kids.
The kits teach not only home ec skills, but geography, ecology, history, and a little etnobotany thrown in for good measure. And the sour gummies, chewing gum, and my favorite, chocolate, are each concocted from all natural ingredients, so don’t worry about any junior chemistry set explosions in the living room.
Just make sure you’re not relying exclusively on the kits to satisfy your whole brood. The chocolate kit yields only 8 ounces. That’s like an eighth of one serving where I’m concerned. –Liz
Use code COOLMOM at checkout for 15% off your order at Kate’s Caring Gifts.


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