When I brought my firstborn home from the hospital, I was hit with the unreasonable urge to discard anything rough that might come in contact with her fragile infant skin. It seemed criminal to let anything but the most butter-soft fabrics touch those downy limbs. My husband had to draw the line when I threatened to tear up the wool carpet in the living room.
Given this compulsion, I would have appreciated the soft Egyptian cotton of the Sckook Zen Butterfly and Bamboo outfit, available at the BabyNut natural product boutique.
The 100% handpicked organic cotton is chemical free so it won’t irritate your baby’s tender skin–real or perceived–and the fabric gets softer and more comfortable with each washing. The kimono top and matching pants feature beautiful Asian-inspired patterns, and will look fantastic on either a boy or a girl.Besides, it’s cheaper than buying new living room carpet. –Nancy

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