It’s one thing when you give in and buy your kid an iPod. It’s another when your realize that she is still at the age where everything of value ends up trashed in a matter of weeks.
I suggest avoiding the whole "but it’s really messed up and I need another one" argument by ordering a custom made gadget cozy from one of our favorite online craft emporiums, The Sweetest Pea. A graphic designer by day and a stuffed animal designer with a cult following in her free time, owner Jen has branched out to create some of the cutest personal electronics covers I’ve seen. I’m a huge fan of the pig, but you’ll love her chickens, owls, and monsters too.
Just let her know exactly which gadget you’re in need of protecting and she’ll hook you right up. For a mere $13, we think this may be the best stocking stuffer idea yet.That is, other than the iPod itself. -Kristen


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