I can always trust my neighbors from the North when it comes to comedy, a cold brew or some "throw your gloves down" hockey. But who knew the Canadians were cornering the market on must-have nursing pillows to boot?
Enter the Baby Buddy, a larger, comfier alternative to that other popular nursing pillow. Invented by mom Jacquie Kesler, it’s plush and cuddly, allowing it to truly form around your body so the baby’s not slipping into that well while nursing. Plus it’s easy on the back and the boobs–two spots which need all the postpartum TLC they can get.
The Baby Buddy comes in all different coverings from basic flannel or cotton to plush designer fabrics. And moms of twins? Fear not. She makes a dedicated twin pillow too. Pretty cool, eh? -Kristen
[Thanks Nicole!]


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